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About Practice Series

"Persevere to succeed". Solving quality questions enhances one's understanding of the important concepts. Keeping this in mind, IPE brings to you an all encapsulating online question Bank with every petroleum engineering topic as well as Engineering mathematics and General Aptitude syllabus of Petroleum Gate covered.

This question Bank comprises of 4000+ questions with the aim to guide and teach students all the concepts in the form of interesting quizzes and numerical. Our team left no stone unturned in making sure that you get the best quality questions and formulated this question bank in such a way that nothing is left to chance. Each topic has been extensively researched to ensure formulation of good conceptual and numerical questions.

The main aspect is to help you gauge your strong and weak points regarding a particular topic and help you understand which key areas you need to improve upon.

Key Features:
  • The practice set is a knowledge box comprising of more of than 4000+ questions.
  • 4 scholarship Tests.
  • 100+ Practice sets.
  • The practice tests can be attempted 2 times so that the past mistakes and weak concepts can be throughly practiced and reattempted to strengthen your core knowledge.
  • Solutions of all numerical.

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